Photos from Hillhouse, Summe 07
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9/06 Grandfather Mountain (NC) for Labor Day

Sweetest Beret Ever


This Hike Brought to You by Michelob Light


Cocktail Rock

Fancy Dinner Party (For Our Mothers)
(Steak Filets & Shrimp, Grilled Veggies, Roasted Taters, Delicious Tomato-Cheese-Basil Things, and Key Lime Tarts)



John Looking Like Sandy

Dance Party!


9/06 Floral Park & Granite Park Chalet



The Fog Lifts

Dad's AplineGlow

The Old Folks at Home

Glacial Pools

8/26 Last Days

That little guy?

My Last Pictures of Chief, 07


Pickin' Pals

Bill plays Merle with Sara on the Washtub Bass

8/15 August

Sunset Directly Behind Chief

Dad's Dude

Franck Family Singers

Country San

Kitty Cat (As Seen in the Hungry Horse News)


7/3 Mt Reynolds

Scientologists in Babb!

Peyton at Kristin' Bday Party

Dragons Tail and View from summit of Reynolds

Sticker on Reynolds Summit Register

Ptarmigan gives me the eye

Marmot Gives Me the Teeth (on the summit cairn on Mt. Reynolds)

6/22 Scenic Point Ridgewalk Variation

Strut/Marty Likes to Party

Gang Signs on Mt. Henry

Adam Rocks On/Gives the Camera the Pinky

Looking Toward the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Claire's Grilled Robin

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