Photos from Hillhouse, Mid Summer 2k6

8/20 Otokomi to Flattop to Napi



From Napi

Hillhouse from Napi




Sunrift Gorge & Sunset

Divide Post Fire

Jay Rawks

(Claire) On The Rocks


Sunset from Hillhouse (7/23)

8/19 Mt Wynn to Mt Siyeh Ridgewalk- "The Skyline Experience"

Jon showing off the long, long ridgewalk
from Wynn over 2 unnamed peaks, up Cracker Peak
and finally the summit of Siyeh (5th highest in the park).

Me and Devin looking out towards Cracker Lake

Jon napping on the summit of peak 8262 while Devin and I summit Wynn

Jay making face after waking from his nap

Devin looking devilish on Cracker Peak

From the summit of Siyeh, elevation 10,014 ft

7/31 Red Eagle Fire

Tribune Photos

Fire from Hillhouse

Fire behind Hillhouse