Photos from Hillhouse, Late Winter 06-07

3/18 Spring, Snow, and Other Coincidences

A Pair of Partners (In Sub-Glorious Weather)

Almost Open Water

3/16 House Hunting in MSO

Hay Truck Flipped into Cow Pasture....


Court and Layla

Top of Big Mountain, photo by Layla

3/10 Elk and Such

Bailey Investigates Clay's Blown-Over Trailer

A Rather Hazy Chief Mountain

Elk Herd near Chief Mtn Junction

Just as Cold as it Looks


3/7 Divide Mtn


Cell Time

On the Summit, Possible 1st Ascent of '07

Still There

3/4 Choteau Wedding

That Guy

Bride & Groom

Teton Pass Moon

On Top Of The Hill

The Bride's Entrance and Walk Down the "Aisle"

Ski Time! (Sorry about that hat, Mom and ICS)

2/28 Snow & More Bar Progress

(the drift has actually subsided a few inches from its high point)

Barn Bar Progress

2/27 "Winter" In Montana

Temperature in the Sun
(actual outside temp= 33 degrees, inside thermostat=61)


2/24 Gorgeous Wintry Day

Ice Shelf

Department of Redundancy Department

Been on the Barn Bar for 4 days...hasn't unfrozen yet

Bar Progress, Feb 24

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